Geological and relief characteristics

Geological and relief characteristics

The entrances to the Mala and Velika Paklenica canyons are truly phenomenal due to their geological and hydrological features, the specific karst formations, and the flora and fauna.

Velika and Mala PaklenicaThe creeks of Velika and Mala Paklenica give great value to the entire region, enriching it, and in the spring and autumn, their sheer power erodes the limestone and deepens the canyons yet further. Both the Velika Paklenica canyon, 14km long, and the Mala Paklenica canyon, 12km long, are cut deeply into the massive south face of Velebit..

Velika and Mala PaklenicaThe geological features of the National Park can be seen in the sharp karst formations in the regions of Bojinac and Vidakov Kuk, and on the plateau between the two canyons. This area abounds in numerous forms of karst relief, such as crevices, channels, basins, fissures and caves, which originate from the intense effects of the water and also from the marked temperature differences through the seasons.

Velika and Mala PaklenicaBasins with crevices and channels are particularly beautifully developed in the Bojinac region, where the karst formations were created due to glacial activity, which is evident in the form of numerous moraine deposits.

The park boasts some 70 caves, among which the most beautiful are Manita Cave and the Vodarica pit. Only Manita Cave is open to tourists.


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