In the region from the coast to the highest peaks of Velebit, there are approximately 800 species of flora. Of these, around 40 are endemic species, plants with a limited distribution, mostly located on Velebit or in the Dinaric Alps. The one species to grow only in the canyons of Velika and Mala Paklenica and nowhere else in the world is a species of sandwort.

The window bellflowerThe best-known, endemic species in the canyons of Velika and Mala Paklenica is the window bellflower. Several species of the bellflower grow in the National Park, such as the chimney bellflower. On the slopes of the canyons, Waldstein’s bellflower can be commonly found. Of the spring flowers, the sweet violet is among the first to bloom.

FloraThe phenomenon of the forest is one of the main reasons why the south Velebit region was declared a national park. The steep cliffs within the park are covered with black pine forests. Due to the specific climate and rocky terrain, the tree is a dwarf species, and hence has an interesting and unusual appearance.

ŠmrikaThe smoke tree gives the landscape a wonderful red colour in the spring with its blossom and in the autumn with its leaves. In some parts of the Park, the red-berried juniper is the only species present.


One of the many legends about the bora , written in Zoranic " Mountains", the story of a young and beautiful but arrogant girl of noble birth named Bora...

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