Vransko Jezero nature park

Vransko Jezero nature park

Vransko jezero is the largest natural lake in Croatia. The predominating characteristic of the park is its special Ornithological reserve, which has been included to the list of Important Bird Areas in Europe and is a potential Ramsar site. It streches in the direction from the North-West to the South-East paralelly to the sea coast, from which it is in some places less than a kilometer apart. It is an unusual compromise and connection of land and water which offers a refuge to diverse species of plants and animals, offering them all that its neccessary for life. The lake is unique for its postition and characteristics not only in Croatia but also in other parts of Europe. It is in fact a karst valley filled with brackish water and is below sea-level…


*Source www.rivijera-paklenica.hr


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