Cibi e bevande nazionali

Cibi e bevande nazionali


The favourite food is lamb meat. It prepares:

1. At grill or in the oven – in the last part add cooks potato
2. Under the pecan
3. Stewing






Fried pulps with ham and chees, packed in case are calling Zagrebacki odrezak. LOCAL CUISINE

Fishes are preparing:

1. at grill
2. stewing with tomatos, onion, spices and herbs
3. cooked - na lešo

Sea food is favorite too – risotto with sea food, natural oysters with lemon (kamenice i oštrige) fried sleeve fish, lobster (hlap) and crayfish (jastog), which is cooked or fried.






Other special is pršut - ham covered with wooden ashes and hanging above the fireplace.LOCAL CUISINE

Lean pork cooked in cream or Žgvacet - salami with special taste are typical for Istria. Pašticada - (back beef, bacon, onion, celery, red vine) is typical for Dalmatia. Čevapčići – (meat with spices) and Girice – small fried fishes are known in all Croatia.

Konobas are public restaurant, where they prepare typical Croatian food.


Coffee is serving as espresso, in the small cups and it is very strong. You can order double espresso (dupli espresso) or dugi or duzi espresso (long or longer).

Beer and vine are the favourite alcoholic drinks. They drink vine usually during the lunch mixed with water. Rakija – brandy from local vine is typical alcohol drink.




Una delle tante leggende sulla bora , scritta in Zoranić "Monti ", la storia di una ragazza giovane e bella , ma arrogante nobile di nome Bora...

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