The Marasović ethno-house

The Marasović ethno-house

Etno-casa Marasović

The ethno-house is situated in the old hamlet of Marasovići on the very edge of Paklenica National Park. It has been renovated and remodelled from cut stone to reflect times gone by, and the interior of the house is furnished with restored pieces.

Entering the house is like entering another world. You discover old handicrafts and tools, an ancient way of life, and will learn how to survive in a harsh environment lacking any form of modern technology.

The Marasović ethno-houseIn the Marasović ethno-house, a small exhibition presents some of the household, farming and other equipment, tools and furnishings that have been preserved, conjuring up for us part of the long, rich past, the way of life, the customs and beliefs of the people from this region.

There is also a small shop in the house offering information and ethnic souvenirs. The Marasović Ethno-house is situated in Starigrad-Paklenica in close proximity to Paklenica National Park, in the hamlet of Marasovići.

In the authentic ambience of the Marasović ethno-house, you can try the traditional cuisine of this area, which despite being modest and simple, is rich in flavours and aromas


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