Traveling to Starigrad is only the beginning of the adventure!

Traveling to Starigrad is only the beginning of the adventure!

Traveling to Starigrad is only the beginning of the adventure!

On your way to Starigrad you can visit a lot of  interesting places and make your travelling an adventure! If you're travelling from the north, let us lead you.

Slunj is a small place which hides a true gem just by the road – Rastoke. Waterfalls which pour their water into old wooden mills make this  a beautiful place to visit and take  a small break during your trip. Climb down into this small suburbia, have a lunch and  buy flour for the best tasting bread in the world!

If you move on closer to Starigrad, you can visit the Memorial centre of Nikola Tesla on your way. It's located in Smiljan,  close to Gospić and offers you a rich spectre of science related inventions all dedicated to one of the biggest inventors in the world! We believe you'll enjoy getting to know science!

Closer to Starigrad, between Selin and the town itself, you can pay a visit to Večka fort, a medieval tower originating from the time when Turks were invading, famous for the legends related to king Pasoglav.

On the eastern side of  Velika Paklenica, near the park entrance, you can visit one more fortification , a medieval building Paklaric located at the heigh of 121 meters. You can visit it by walking the path starting by the new mill all the way to the viewpoint. Romantic walks are always a good idea, right?

Did you know that there is also a stream called Velika Paklenica between Starigrad and Selin? The St. Peter's church is located right there and it's a building which history lovers usually adore.

Building of the church itself was divided into two time periods, in the middle and the late Medieval Age. Later people added a belfry and buttresses. The cemetery is actually located not only around the church, but also in it. It was used between 14th and 16th century. Massive stone blocks that remained are decorated with reliefs that show typical life in that period of time. Also, a lot of jewerly and money of that time have been found there.

While visiting Starigrad, you should pay attention to etno houses near it. Their traditional building style, costumes and house exhibits will lead you back into the history and you will find out that you've probably seen some of them in your grandmother's houses, and maybe even in yours?

There's a lot of reasons to enjoy the trip to our beautiful town, but also the stay itself. In the center of beautiful nature and historical buildings of Dalmatia, you can enjoy the sun, the sea and learn somethinh new about our country!

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