By visiting Starigrad, you’re getting to know Lika and Dalmatia

By visiting Starigrad, you’re getting to know Lika and Dalmatia

By visiting Starigrad, you’re getting to know Lika and Dalmatia

A bit more than 265 kilometers from Zagreb and just a few hours of driving is separating you from visiting a picturesque little town connecting two Croatian regions. Starigrad is a small peaceful place where you can relax without being interrupted by noisy tourists or loud crowds because the most visitors come from small villages around the town and, if you stay in the town in the early mornings or late afternoons, you will have the perfect chance for a peaceful walk, enjoying the beach or taking a bath in the warm sea.

If you're caught by bad weather or you're not in the mood for a bath, you can visit one of the wonderful neighbouring places which will ofer you rich cultural and gastronomy menu.

NP Paklenica, the second biggest national park in Croatia, is located really close to the area itself. It's famous for it's two big canyons notched into the southern part of Velebit. It's a perfect destination for adrenaline lovers because the famous hiking center Paklenica can offer you a  400 meter high climb. Hikers will enjoy the place, and while entering Paklenica, you can also visit the Velika and Mala Paklenica canyons, the alp called Vaganski vrh and the highest point of Velebit called Sveto Brdo at 1752 meters height above sea level.

From the top of Velebit you'll be offered with a gorgeous view on both Lika and Dalmatia, and, if you're intrigued by it, you can climb down to the closest place officialy belonging to Lika, Lovinac. It's a small place becoming famous for it's touristic and gastro offer which provides you the presence of beautiful landscapes such as Plitvice lakes, Cerovac caves and, ofcourse, our biggest park: Northern Velebit.

Northern Velebit has special isolated, protected areas in it's complex such as: Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi, Luke's pit, one of the deepest ones in the world, a nature reserve Borov vrh, a botanical garden Zavižan-Balinovac, and, tourist's favourite: the Velebit Botanical Garden and Štirovača. They offer you a beautiful glance into the hidden world of mountain's nature which is the perfect escape from the town's noise and the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Cerovac caves are located just a few kilometres further and are part of the Nature Park Velebit. The first 700 metres of the Gornja and Donja cave are opened and arranged for visitors of all age!

Plitvice lakes is the oldest and the most visited park which doesn't have to be specially introduced. It's recommended that you introduce yourself with it and to the sixteen lakes in the complex, at least four times in life, in every season.

When you visit all of the above mentioned places, you can make your way to Zadar and enjoy the famous restaurants, visit the St. Donat's Church and the Morske Orgulje (Sea Organs). You can grab a piece of the delicious rožata, a famous Dalmatian dessert, in the nearness of one of the many town museums, perhaps the museum of glass.

All of these places are close to Starigrad, the perfect centre for nature and culture lovers. After the rough excursion day, it's wonderful to go back to the peaceful ambiance of your cosy apartment and enjoy the cold night breeze coming down from Velebit.

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