The legend of king Pasoglav

The legend of king Pasoglav

Many legends have been told about Večka Tower. The best-known among them is the legend of King Pasoglav ("Doghead")...


Once upon a time there was a king who had a human body and a dog’s head. Every day a different young man would come to shave him, after which the king would have him killed in order to keep his secret.

Hoping to save the life of her only son, a mother thought out a scheme. When his turn came to go and shave the king, she made a bred with her own milk and gave it to her son to offer it to the king. After the king had eaten the bread, the young man told him why it was so tasty. Since now they had become brothers in milk, the king decided to let the young man go, under the condition that he would not betray the secret about his dog’s head.

The young man kept the secret for a long time, but sooner or later he was bound to betray it. So he decided to tell the secret to the black earth. He dug a hole and whispered: “O black earth, our king has a dog’s head”. Chance would have it that an elder would grow at that spot, and a shepherd would make a flute from it. When the shepherd attempted to play the flute, words came out of it instead, saying: “Our king has a dog’s head!” The secret became public all across the kingdom. The king was doomed to spend the rest of his life alone and unshaven, while young men no longer feared death at his tower.


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