Starigrad - the site of the ancient city of Argyruntum

Starigrad - the site of the ancient city of Argyruntum

... that present day Starigrad is located at the site of the ancient city of Argyruntum...


This is borne witness to by the work of Pliny the Elder, Naturalis historia, in which he includes Argyruntum in a list of ancient settlements at the foot of Velebit. It had oppidan status, meaning that it was a settlement whose inhabitants had gained Roman civil rights (oppida civium Romanorum).

The city was situated on what was once a 3.5ha north-west facing peninsula, which is today connected to the mainland. During investigations carried out in 1908, epigraphic excerpts were found, testifying to the existence of city walls, based on which it is thought that Argyruntum gained the status of municipia during the rule of Emperor Tiberius (31-35AD).

Unfortunately, the city has not been preserved, although the social structure and, above all, the aesthetic level of its inhabitants is borne out by the many archaeological artefacts that have been found – ceramic and glass dishes, bone, metal and amber jewellery, oil containers, weapons, etc. The collection of antique glass exhibited at the Zadar Archaeology Museum is of particular value.

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