Celebrating the Feast of the Assumption, 15 August

Celebrating the Feast of the Assumption, 15 August

And this year will be Podgorci and their guests at the feast of the Assumption on 15 August instruct the Veliko Rujno, the largest Velebit plateau situated at 900m above sea level. It is a centuries-old tradition of pilgrimage to the church of the Assumption of Mary, votive shrine Podgoraca and mountain climbers.

The custom dates back to the time when the mountain’s population lived on the Velebit mountain of Velebit and herders. In the summer months it is grazing stayed in the higher mountain, in the so-called. “Flats” which is why the church was built so high up in the mountains. Over time, the church became too small for the population of the Old Town area and the 1930 efforts known starigradskog priest Don Ante Adžije people built a new church near the previous one, and that using the old stone church that is fully built.

Although it is a way of life in this region has changed the construction of the Adriatic Highway 60-ies of the last century when the population moved to the coast and turning to tourism, retained the custom of pilgrimage to the church of the Assumption of the feast of the Assumption 15 August, and on this holiday is celebrated and Day of Starigrad.

Eucharistic celebration at the Velikom Rujnu starts at 11.00am led by the Archbishop of Zadar mons.Želimir Puljić after which it will be on the Velikom Rujnu to develop a magnificent procession.

In the evening on the waterfront starigradskoj maintains a large festival with local catering services, midnight fireworks and performance Tomislav Bralić and Intrade.

Minister Lorencin visit Stari Grad Paklenica

Minister Lorencin visit Stari Grad Paklenica

Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin visited Paklenica National Park, where he presented the activities in the development of tourism in the municipality Starigrad and Zadar County, with an emphasis on sport and recreation facilities and activities of the National Park Paklenica. Adventure and sports tourism are among the ten key products listed in Croatian Tourism Development Strategy until 2020. years and they represent the arrival of new motifs in pre-season.

“This is a good example of how to develop a specific, extra bid to extend the tourist season Croatian. Sports and adventure tourism in the world and in our record of increasing interest, and additional offers related to this segment is certainly more reason to come to our country,” the minister said during his visit Paklenica. He also pointed out that the Ministry of Tourism and attention to security segment, including a year for CMRS stands million, and announced that it will improve safety be made additional changes in the regulations.

During his stay in Starigrad Paklenica, the minister briefly visited and 4 Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival, an international festival of music documentary. On that occasion, praised the event and once again stressed the importance of creating more deals in, among which are certainly events that combine history and tradition of our country.

Notification of work travel clinics in the Municipality Starigrad

Working time;

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 14:00 - 22:00

Tuesday, Thursday: 07:00 to 14:00

Saturday: 08:00 - 13:00

Emergency telephone: 194

New bus line from Zagreb Starigrad-Zagreb

From 01 July and 31 August this year, a new bus line runs from Zagreb Starigrad Zagreb. Bus Slavonija Busa-a d.o.o departs daily from Zagreb at 08.30pm, the highway runs and arrives in Seline at 12.00h and Stari Grad Paklenica at 12.05h. Back to Zagreb is also daily 19:55 from Stari Grad and at 20.0 h from Selina, with the arrival in Zagreb at 23.30h. The line comprises of Posedarje, Maslenica i Rovanjska.

Ticket price from Stari Grad to Zagreb is 130.00 kn, round-trip ticket costs 195.00 kn. Students and pensioners a discount of 10%. Reservations and tickets are sold at travel agencies Slavonija Bus (+385 35475300) and travel agency Koma-Maras in Stari Grad (+385 23359206).

In Klović Palace Gallery exhibition dedicated Velebit Miril

In Klović Palace Gallery exhibition dedicated Velebit Miril

Theme of the exhibition is a funeral customs related Velebit Mirili protected intangible heritage of Croatia, in the interpretation of scholars and artists.

The exhibition covers the symbolism and meaning mirila presented through works prof.Mirjane Trošelj that many years researching this phenomenon, graphics painter Josip Zanki, photos Radivoja Simonovic and Joseph Strmečki, documentaries and animated films and performance Josip Zanki and Bojana Gagić. But as they came to terms preserved in its material form, the exhibition can be seen and 10 original plate with an interesting iconography.

Over the past 10-odd years since the TZO Starigrad supported by the Ministry of Culture deals with rehabilitation and interpretation mirila in their area documented 26 sites and the most interesting sites can be visited by visiting educational paths arranged in the hamlet above the village Ljubotić Tribanj Kruščica and in the hinterland of Stari Grad Paklenica.

A series of activities to mark World Day for Biological Diversity

A series of activities to mark World Day for Biological Diversity

So on Saturday, 18 May conducted an ecological cleaning action underwater. Organized TZO Starigrad and Diving Association Zadar County are cleaned in underwater in harbors in Stari Grad and Seline. They were the members of the diving club Sveti Roko from the dates, RK Snorkeling 2DIVE, diving center Pandive that the last few years working in Stari Grad, divers riot police with PU Zadar County Diving Association which traditionally cooperate in all activities, employees of a local utility company and locals.

Elementary School Grad is held May 24 Open Day, the traditional campaign that includes a series of eco-educational workshops and sporting events. Action is being organized with the support of TZO Starigrad, NP Paklenica and of Starigrad aimed at raising awareness among children and adults about the need to preserve nature and their cultural heritage.

There was a promotion Monograph “Velebit” and the opening of the photo exhibition “Paklenica National Park” by Sanja Grgic Curić held 25.svibnja organized NP Paklenica.

The traditional meeting of mountaineers and climbers in Paklenica from April 26 to May 1, 2013.

The traditional meeting of mountaineers and climbers in Paklenica

This year, 14 International Meeting of hikers and climbers in Paklenica National Park opens a unique performance - vertical dance remake of “Little Tragedies” which will perform Mary Šćekić, dance artist and the founder of Histeria Nova.

The performance is part of a multidisciplinary project Vrata Velebit which is aimed at highlighting the disappearance of the need to preserve natural and cultural heritage of Velebit and promote vertical dancing in Croatia.

In addition to traditional competition in speed climbing big rocks known as the Big Wall Speed ​​Climbing Meeting brings a whole array of events such as the 6th Published Paklenica Outdoor Film Festival and Kid `s Speed ​​contests for children, lectures and concerts.

Novelty numerous additional outdoor events: trekking race, top rope contest for non climbers, “24 hours Paklenica” paintball tournament, etc.

More about the program 14. International meeting climbers Paklenica 2013…

More about the project VRATA VELEBITA…

Starigrad Paklenica host 21st State Festival Days of Bread

Starigrad Paklenica host 21st State Festival Days of Bread

This year, 21 State festival days of bread-days of gratitude for the fruits of the country was held in Stari Grad Paklenica October 14, organized by the Our ​​beautiful and the Agency for Education under the auspices of the Croatian Parliament.

55 students in primary and secondary schools from all Croatian counties and guests from Vojvodina, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro presented richness and plant diversity of its homeland, various traditional tools for working the land and preparation of food and native bread products.

With an exhibition of bread and other fruits of the earth to imaginatively decorated stalls held and appropriate cultural and entertainment program featuring performances by the youngest members of KUD Podgorac and gangs Barufe and anima Maris. The central part of the event was marked by a solemn procession through Starigrad Paklenica Bikarija to the waterfront where he held a Mass with the offering of gifts, led by the archbishop of Zadar mons.Želimir Puljic.

Manifestation is aimed at highlighting the need to preserve biodiversity and conserve traditions Croatian Croatian people as part of the national cultural heritage. In addition to environmental and cultural, this festival has an important spiritual dimension expressed through the worship of bread as a symbol of life and spiritual strength. It was also an opportunity to meet a number of participants of the event Starigrad-Paklenica, and many are headed in a tour of NP Paklenica.

Days of bread for the first time held in Zadar County and it was an honor and pleasure to host this event. The next festival will be held in Istria where will be its host town of Labin.

Active rest Paklenica Riviera launched in Germany and France

Active rest Paklenica Riviera launched in Germany and France

In late August and early September TZO Starigrad presented an offer of active holidays in their area on two specialized tourism fair - NATURE TOUR Duesseldorf in Germany and the Salon de l’Ultra-Trail ® in France (Chamonix).

The fair featured TourNatur the fourth year in a row, the last two with the support of the Croatian National Tourist Board. The fair is traditionally held in parallel to the CARAVAN SALON, fair dedicated to camping tourism, which include two, Paklenica Riviera significant categories of tourists - who like active rest and stay in the camps, which occupy an important place in the structure of accommodation facilities in the municipality Starigrad.Po first time this was organized and the advent of the fair, which is held as part of one of the biggest races in the world trek - Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. At a length of 169 kilometers around the mountain Mont Blanc race passes through three countries (France, Switzerland, Italy) and brings together over 2,000 participants from more than 60 countries on all 5 continents for which it is rightly regarded as the pinnacle “open country” race. At the same time this event brings together tens of thousands of devotees trek and active holidays in general, which is why this is an excellent opportunity for direct contact with the target audience. Presentation Paklenica Riviera was held in conjunction with the Club Multisport adventure sports led by Simon Cimerman, the organizer of the largest Croatian trekking race - Velebit Mountain Ultra Trail which is already 10 years is held in the Velebit and Paklenica. On this occasion the 11th ed races that will be held 22.-23 June 2013. Both performances are part of promotional activities aimed at the promotion of natural assets and outdoor supply in the wider area of ??the Velebit as already recognized the potential for further extension of the tourist season and increasing tourist traffic.

Starigrad-Paklenica opened a permanent office of emergency services

Starigrad-Paklenica opened a permanent office of emergency services

Newly opened a permanent office of emergency services Starigrad-Paklenica Department of Emergency Medicine Zadar County is one of 4 of its kind in the county for residents and visitors of the Municipality of Starigrad represents a significant improvement of medical care throughout the year.
Branch operates in a renovated building of the former school district in Seline, Jabukovac Put bb, where will this year be located and the tourist office, which began its work July 15. Travel clinic will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the morning.
Custom-time this year and features Starigrad pharmacy located at 14th Dr.Franje Tudjman From Monday to Friday chemist working all day (07.00-20.00pm), Saturday until 15.00pm and on Sundays from 08.00-13.00h. 

A consulate of the Republic of Lithuania was open in Starigrad-Paklenica

A consulate of the Republic of Lithuania was open in Starigrad-Paklenica

Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania, officially opened in Starigrad-Paklenica 06. July 2012 on the day of the coronation of the first ruler of Lithuania Mindaugas united 1253.g., the first diplomatic representative in the Municipality of Starigrad.

Consulate was opened in the presence of Mindaugas Rukštele, Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania based in Vienna. The Honorary Consul of Rome was chosen Koić, Litavka native who has lived 23 years in Croatia and only a court interpreter for the Lithuanian language in Zadar County.

Given the increasing number of tourists from Lithuania in the area of ​​Zadar county and thus Starigrad, the consulate will contribute to bilateral relations and expanding economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries.
Commercial Consulate is located near the hotel Alan, Franjo Tudjman at 14, Starigrad-Paklenica. 

June marked Alpe Adria Cup and 10 edition Velebit trek

June marked Winnetou, Alpe Adria Cup and 10 edition Velebit trek

June brings a number of attractive events on the Riviera Paklenica - AAC-JetSki Racing Alpe Adria Cup and 10. edition adventure racing Velebit 100/Poskok third.

AAC JetSki Racing - Alpe Adria Cup 2012th - 1.race in Starigrad Immediately afterwards, 09 and 10 June on the beach Bluesun Alan Starigrad held the first jet ski races this year ALPS ADRIA CUP organized Jetski Association of Croatian and H11.

Celebration sv.Ante in Tribanj-Kruščica
Tribanj-Kruscica is one of the three villages Tribanj located in the extreme northwestern part of the Municipality of Starigrad, 10-odd kilometers from Stari Grad. The locals celebrate the feast of ancient sv.Ante Padua, patron of the parish. This year the solemn Eucharistic celebration led by the archbishop of Zadar Želimir Puljić, followed by a cultural program of traditional folklore and “Podgorac”.

10.edition Velebit trek to the Paklenica
All the numerous lovers of the mountain where the Paklenica and Velebit has become a second home is expected jubilee 10.edition adventure racing trekking through the Velebit 23.-24th of June. This year they provided four weight categories: Ultra (100km), Super Mountain (45km), Mountain (30km) and the least demanding Jogging category (12km). All share the common goal of Starigrad-Paklenica where the prize awarded the most successful and of course great fun. The race is traditionally organized by the Club of adventure sports Multisport Association and veteran of the police special unit Alfa race dedicated to all veterans with battlefield Velebit.

During the election campaign the best kept garden of flowers and funding procurement

The best kept garden

TZO Starigrad this year conducted two actions regarding landscaping garden - a program of co-financing procurement of seedlings and selection of the best kept garden / balcony private houses and farm buildings in the garden district of Starigrad.
Because of the extremely cold winter because he destroyed most of the seedlings, launched a new campaign financing purchases of flowers for the owners of tourist facilities in the Municipality of Starigrad. Action is still pending, and detailed information can be obtained at the Tourist Office Starigrad. Then, pursuing the choices and actions best kept garden / balcony private houses and farm buildings in the garden district of Starigrad. Applications to participate must be received by 01.lipnja 2012 Tourist office in Starigrad, personally and by telephone or electronic mail.
Most regulated facilities in the opinion of the expert committee, which will tour facilities will be rewarded with plants and other horticultural materials worth 500.00 to 2000.00 EUR and all participants will be awarded for effort and participation in this action.
The intention is to encourage property owners in the Municipality to pay more attention to planning their own environment and also beautify the overall look of the place, with the aim of improving the conditions of stay of tourists and the general living conditions in the Municipality of Starigrad.

TZO Starigrad and NP Paklenica on Natour ADRIA 2012th

TZO Starigrad and NP Paklenica on Natour ADRIA 2012th

TZO Starigrad and NP Paklenica participated in late April in the work of the first tourist exchange ADRIA Natour held in Croatia. It is an international tourist exchanges specializing in the active leisure.
After 3 years of maintenance in Slovenia Stock Exchange opened its doors in Croatia and was held in Mali Losinj, organized by the congress and marketing agency GO MICE from Slovenia. On this occasion, your offer of active holidays presented 25 exhibitors from Croatian, Slovenia and Montenegro. On the other hand, their interest was expressed for the proposed twenty tour of several European countries (Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Sweden, Romania and Greece). Exchange is based on direct encounters between service providers / tour operator and destination specialist for active holidays and is a great opportunity to establish new business contacts and targeted presentation of outdoor offerings.

Presentation of the book and movie Mirila

Apartmani Starigrad Paklenica

As part of this year’s Day of the Zadar County Tourist Board and the organization Starigrad in Starigrad-Paklenica monograph presented the animated movie Miriam.
The book is presented in a simple way to research the history, topography and significance of Miriam - stone memorial signs along the Velebit roads built within the former unified customs Velebit nomad herders. The book was presented by its authors, prof. Mirjana Troselj and painter Joseph Zanki. They both have many years dealing with the phenomenon mirila, each with its areas of activity. Thanks to extensive research prof. Trošelj preserved many of the data on those sites Miri who have unfortunately disappeared due to the accelerated construction of the last decade. Joseph Zanki is a multimedia artist Mirilo talked about in various forms and are caused by a number of prints and drawings, books and exhibitions, performances at home and abroad, and finally the animated film produced by Zagreb film. Review of the book gave Thomas Vinšćak while photography work of a young cameraman Peter Strmečki. The book was produced with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Zadar county and municipality Starigrad, as part of the original souvenir which complemented the overall value of the cultural tourism product Miriam. Specifically, during the past ten years Starigrad TZO is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Zadar County Tourist Board, developed a cultural tourism product Mirila which currently covers 14 sites remediated and two educational paths and associated promotional material with maps and trail descriptions. Overall aim of the project was primarily to preserve valuable and unique part of the cultural heritage of the Velebit region and improve the tourist offer of the region, particularly in segments that contribute to extending the season, which is certainly the case with mirila. Presentation of books and animated films was crowned by a short lecture dr.sc.Andreja Pleterskog with the Institute of Archaeology in Ljubljana, where last year released the first professional publication dedicated Mirilo called “Miriam-cultural phenomenon” by which mirila presented the Slovenian public. Both editions will be available in the Public Institution National Park Paklenica Starigrad-Paklenica.

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